Stop Annoying Political Calls

Annoying political campaign calls... you just have to love them. There’s nothing worse than coming home after an exhausting day of work, hoping to have a few peaceful minutes with your family, only to have your calm ruined by some annoying political call. Is 9 pm on a Monday night really the time to ask what you happen to think about the new “Free the Whales” Bill?

With the election season rapidly approaching, you can be sure that these rude and unpleasant political callers are going to start filling up your evenings. And, until very recently, there was absolutely nothing you could do to protect yourself.

Though the government had set up the Federal Do Not Call Act and Registry to protect us from annoying calls, political callers are specifically excluded from this legislation, and have free reign to harass you even more than a telemarketer might.

However, concerned citizens are finally creating a way for you to do something to stop those annoying calls. The Civilians for Civil Discourse have launched a grassroots movement, through which people can sign their telephone numbers into a new National Political Do Not Call Registry, specifically to protect themselves from political pollsters.

As tens of thousands of individuals add their numbers to this registry, the organizers have already begun to convince politicians to stop contacting these citizens through inappropriate telephone tactics, using the only type of pressure that actually works: the voice of the voters.

Politicians across the political spectrum are beginning to agree to comply with the National Political Do Not Call Registry. And, as more citizens sign on, we ideally will see a very real change towards cleaner campaigning and an elevated political discourse in our country.

You can place your phone number into the National Political Do Not Call Registry by visiting

1 If you’re curious who these RespOrgs actually are, visit for a pretty up-to-date list.